An American Arcadia

Written by Kathleen Eagen Johnson and Margaret L. Vetare

Montgomery Place is in Annandale, New York, about 100 miles north of Manhattan on the east bank of the Hudson. The estate was created in the early 19th century. Montgomery Place illustrates Americans’ changing relationship with nature and landscape over time. As the attitudes of the people who lived and worked at Montgomery Place shifted, the estate changed from productive landscape to ornamental showcase to recreational retreat.

The American Arcadia project newly interprets Montgomery Place through this lens of American environmental history, with particular focus on the women who shaped the property. Through rarely-seen images and other resources, the ten parts of American Arcadia provide in-depth content and context for the people, landscape, and architecture of Montgomery Place.

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Learn about the energetic and creative women who shaped Montgomery Place and about the people who worked there.


Explore the natural, cultivated, and designed features of the Montgomery Place landscape.




Discover the significance of the built environment at Montgomery Place, including structures still extant and those long-vanished.