The Sawkill Creek - Preserving & Enhancing Nature’s Beauty

The Sawkill Creek


Preserving & Enhancing Nature’s Beauty

 A. J. Davis captured the beauty of the Sawkill ravine in these and several other watercolor images.

In the top view, the Sawkill runs downhill, away from the viewer. The view of the Hudson River on the right is suggestive rather than topographically accurate.  

This romantic view, below, of a bridge over the Sawkill suggests the activities enjoyed in the “pleasure grounds” of Montgomery Place and Blithewood once the ravine had been purchased and preserved by Louise Livingston and Robert Donaldson. Here, an artist sketches the picturesque scenery while two women stroll across a rustic bridge. The scene evokes an image of Louise and her daughter Cora Barton, with Davis himself as the artist.

View in Grounds of Blithewood, Seat of Robt. [Robert] Donaldson, 1840, by Alexander  Jackson Davis. Watercolor on paper, 1840. Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University

Ravine Walk, Blithewood, by Alexander Jackson Davis. Watercolor on paper, c. 1840. Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University. 

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