The Conservatory - Destruction

The Conservatory



After Cora Barton’s death in 1873, her heirs did not maintain the centerpiece of her elaborate pleasure grounds.

They directed workers to dismantle the conservatory and allowed the gardens to recede into meadow. In the 1880s, landscape architect Charles Eliot critiqued the Montgomery Place landscape. His commentary on the site of the conservatory suggests how much taste in landscape design had changed since the 1840s:

“Formerly this sheltered open ground contained the flower garden and an elaborate conservatory; …from the point of view of design and general effect the substitution of the existing simple but well-framed lawn in place of the old garden and conservatory is by no means to be regretted. The entrance front of the house, as it now appears, when viewed from the site of the conservatory, may be seen in the accompanying picture.” 

Montgomery Place on the Hudson, from Charles Eliot, Landscape Architect, by Charles William Eliot (1903).


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