The Mansion - Joining Home and Nature

The Mansion


Joining Home and Nature

In 1841, Louise Livingston and Cora Barton discussed the transformation of the mansion with the architect Alexander Jackson Davis, marking the start of a program of design and construction that would span thirty years.

During the first phase of work, which took three years, they built out the original structure on three sides. They added a room-like porch called the north pavilion (as well as a corresponding, enclosed south wing) and a long, narrow porch on the west façade referred to as the West Terrace. After some debate between client and architect, these additions were executed in an ornate version of the classical style.

Alexander Jackson Davis, by George Freeman. Engraving on paper, c. 1840. Avery Architecture and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University.

Rendering of existing floor plan, from Montgomery Place Historic Structures Report (1989).

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