Louise Livingston - Making the Hudson Valley Home

Louise Livingston


Making the Hudson Valley Home

Louise Livingston visited Chateau de Montgomery for the first time in 1809.

She was the guest of her sister-in-law Janet Livingston Montgomery, the creator of the estate. Louise had married into the family a few years earlier. A resident of New Orleans, she came to the Hudson Valley for a short stay to take care of young relatives on a nearby estate.

Years later, Louise’s visits were longer and more frequent. During the 1820s, Louise, her husband Edward, and their daughter Cora spent many summers with Janet at Chateau de Montgomery. When Janet died in 1828, she left the property to her brother Edward for his family’s continued enjoyment. Edward and Louise changed the name of the estate to the more American-sounding name “Montgomery Place.” Edward died in 1836 and Louise assumed sole ownership of the property.

Louise Davezac (Mrs. Edward) Livington, by Henry Inman. Pencil and watercolor on paper, 1827. Private collection.

Edward Livingston (detail), by Edward Wellmore. Engraving on paper, 1881. New York State Library.

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