The Sawkill Creek - Meeting Modern Needs

The Sawkill Creek


Meeting Modern Needs

From 1921 onward, the Delafields, the family then in residence at Montgomery Place, utilized the Sawkill and its environs in ways both new and old. Here they pursued a program of rigorous exercise. They hiked the trails and used the lake for swimming and boating.

The Delafields also harnessed water rushing from the lake and upper falls to fuel a small power station at the bottom of the Sawkill. Built in 1923, the power station provided electricity for Montgomery Place and for the hamlet of Annandale.

Responding to a different yet equally modern impulse, Violetta Delafield, a respected botanist, combed this area for mushroom specimens, which she documented through precise, annotated watercolor drawings.

Violetta also created a lengthy inventory of all the flora and fauna on the estate.

Electric pole from the 1920s in the north woods. Photo: Historic Hudson Valley.

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