The Mansion - Neoclassical House on a Hill

The Mansion


Neoclassical House on a Hill

It took a year for workers to construct the mansion.

Janet’s nephews William Jones and Lewis Livingston among others shoveled the foundations while laborers—probably including enslaved men owned by Janet—gathered local stone so that masons could fill in the wall piers. John Willson completed the interior carpentry and John Coddington executed the plasterwork. The end result was a stucco-clad, rectangular structure, neoclassical in style and restrained in ornament.

Over the centuries, changes were made to the mansion in the name of fashion, utility, and upkeep. The arched pediment window is a significant survival from the original structure.

Contract between Janet Montgomery and John Willson, November 5, 1804. Bard College, Montgomery Place Collection.

East entrance of the mansion. Photo: Historic Hudson Valley.

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