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The Sawkill Creek


The Sawkill Today

Because of earlier generations’ stewardship, the Sawkill’s lower falls remain a place of beauty and refreshment.

Visitors can hike the trails and enjoy the sensory experience of the Sawkill and north woods. They also are invited to consider the important role the Sawkill plays in the life cycle of a wealth of fauna and flora, including the American eel, fisher, herring, trout, and monkey flower.

Historic Hudson Valley honors the spirit of the covenant struck by Louise Livingston and Robert Donaldson long ago. The organization is committed to providing responsible stewardship as well as careful restoration of these grounds. Removing invasive species, repairing and maintaining pathways, and providing for the health of the plants and animals living in these woods are among our daily responsibilities.

These activities, too, with their 21st-century ethic of ecological restoration, reflect the ongoing evolution of Americans’ relationship with land and nature.

Sawkill lower falls. Photo: Historic Hudson Valley.

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