Learn about the energetic and creative women who shaped Montgomery Place and about the people who worked there.

Meet the creator of Montgomery Place, Janet Livingston Montgomery (1743–1828). This program explores her various identities as a member of the Hudson Valley gentry, estate builder, agricultural entrepreneur, and well-known widow of Revolutionary War hero General Richard Montgomery.

Learn about Louise Davezac Livingston (1781-1860), style setter at Montgomery Place in the mid-19th century. Trace her life from Haiti to New Orleans to the Hudson Valley and her actions to transform the estate, protect the scenic value of the landscape, and add architectural features inspired by nature.

Get to know Cora Livingston Barton (1806-1873), a driving force behind a campaign of home and garden improvement at Montgomery Place. This society belle was a hands-on designer, passionate plant lover, and friend of landscape tastemaker Andrew Jackson Downing.

Find out about Violetta White Delafield (1875-1949), who re-shaped the gardens and landscape of Montgomery Place to reflect modern aesthetic trends and early 20th-century attitudes toward healthy outdoor living. Learn how this artist-scientist channeled her talents into botanical illustration, garden design, and conservation.

The labor of many individuals allowed estates like Montgomery Place to exist. The circumstances and contributions of workers on this property are explored using historic documents and images from the 18th and 19th centuries, and oral histories taken in the 20th century.

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